Let’s renew the world through the power of waste, together.

VIRESCO taps into potential energy: in the possibilities of repurposing all sorts of carbon-based waste, and in the partnerships that will renew how we power the world.

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Redirecting energy and carbon away from landfills

Our goal is to redefine the word “waste.” Because in a world of by-products, expired foods, mis-packaged, oops-we-did-it-again trash and other carbon-based waste, there’s great potential in repurposing every molecule into something useable. We’re an engineering and technology company focused on making sure no bit of waste is left unclaimed.

Our Turtle Lake Anaerobic Digestion Facility boasts a 25 GWh renewable electricity generation capacity per yearEngineering enough energy to power 2,300 homes**Based on 2020 US EIA data for average electricity consumption for a single residential utility customer.

Ultra efficient. Super optimized. Squeaky clean.

Using anaerobic digestion to create power is nothing new—but inconsistent, inefficient systems have earned it a bad rap. Our patented technology and engineering know-how converts organic liquid, pre- and post-packaged waste into clean biogas and renewable energy at much greater efficiency.

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Can VIRESCO take your waste?

Wondering if your waste outputs can be part of a clean-power future? We will test it in our lab and complete a no-obligation site assessment.

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The brain power behind our energy solution

Our engineers developed a complete, carbon-neutral solution to waste management that works on many levels.

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Let’s build a clean-energy future together.

VIRESCO is actively seeking partners in launching new anaerobic digestion facilities across the nation.

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