Together, we have the potential to make world-changing impact

In every unwanted ingredient, by-product, expired food, manure, feedlot, or other forms of organic waste, there is carbon that is being wasted. We partner with companies to capture that carbon for energy creation, redirecting waste, feeding plants, and generating clean energy.

Reclaiming energy from unexpected sources

The ingredients, processing water, by-products in food production, and food itself all contain recapturable energy. We also work with feedlot waste and dairy manure, and are committed to extracting and restoring bulk liquids, prepackaged solids, and packaged goods to the carbon cycle, cleanly and completely.

We use proprietary engineering and patented technology to claim energy from products such as:

  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Finished foods as well as food ingredients and waste
  • Dairy waste and animal manure

We have designed our plant to take these products in as:

  • Bulk liquids
  • Full and partial pallets
  • Super Sacks
  • Bulk products in many forms of packaging

Thanks to our DePak™ capabilities and recycling connections, we can manage waste in many forms, including:

  • Bulk liquids
  • Canned and bottled beverages
  • Bulk products in boxes
  • Pre-packaged and packaged foods

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Each year VIRESCO offsets over 21,500,000 pounds of CO2 e.This is also equivalent to planting over 162,000 trees

True partnership. Measurable impact.

Companies—and their customers—are carefully checking boxes regarding carbon footprint and sustainability objectives. So VIRESCO partners with our customers in innovative ways to reduce carbon impact and GHG emissions, generate carbon or renewable credits, and upcycle wasted material.

Our process transforms waste from our customers’ processes into methane rich biogas that’s immediately used to generate clean electricity. What else is left at the end of the process? Soil renewal, recycled materials, cleaner water, less burden on the environment, and a relentless drive to accomplish even more.

Solutions that go above and beyond

We work with national food manufacturers, small local producers, and everyone in between, providing ongoing support as well as tackling unexpected needs.

Ingredients & Food

Wisconsin Whey

Wisconsin Whey takes a by-product of cheesemaking—whey—and transforms it into whey protein to be used in muscle-building powders and other food products.

What sets VIRESCO apart is their reliability and flexibility. They have never turned down our product and are there in times of need.”

“VIRESCO is quick to solutions”

–Josh Hoover, Wisconsin Whey

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Food Producer

Ellsworth Dairies

At county and state fairs across the nation, not many people give a second thought to the dairies that create the cheese curds they’re enjoying—or the by-products that result from the process.

When we call VIRESCO with a waste challenge, they ask, ‘What’s the problem?’ Then they send over a truck and take care of it.

–Paul Bauer, CEO of Ellsworth Creamery

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Bent Paddle

A combination of expired product, an overwhelmed supply chain and limited warehouse space posed a unique problem for a brewery in Duluth, Minnesota.

We like the fact that we can get rid of unwanted product in a sustainable way when things don’t work out the way we plan.”

–Tim Wilson, Head Brewer

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