Trash to treasure

We’ve developed our patented and proprietary VIRESCO Bio-Catalytic (VBC™) technology to give our customers a one-call, one-partner solution for a broad variety of carbon-based waste challenges.

The energy behind the innovation

VIRESCO’s Wisconsin-based Innovation Center serves as an incubator for creating, implementing, and refining clean-energy solutions.

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Engineering and technology, focused on sustainable solutions

For too long, economic, and technological progress has come at a cost to the planet. We’re changing that, every single day.

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Protecting the earth—and your brand equity

We help customers manage not just the by-products and carbon-based waste that their businesses create, but also products that have no place in the marketplace.

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Our soil-enriching by-product

The only by-products of our anaerobic digestion system: clean water and a fertilizer that increases plant-available nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil.

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