Powered by a passion for constant improvement

VIRESCO came to be because a team of scientists, engineers and business leaders wanted to improve anaerobic digestion processes into a fail-proof, efficient and clean way to a better future.

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Our Mission

Renew our world through the power of waste. Together.

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About Us

VIRESCO is an engineering and technology company working to solve the planet’s waste problem by creating alternate paths and uses for unclaimed energy.

Every day, we prove that a sustainable future is already here at our Wisconsin-based Innovation Center, where we create alternate paths and uses for organic waste by reclaiming the carbon abundant in these sources, producing clean, abundant, renewable energy.

Our people see potential energy everywhere. We believe that the world can run on a sustainable and clean cycle that preserves carbon for limitless reuse. And we are proving this future is achievable today through our efficient, community-fueling facility.

We partner with companies to reliably reclaim and redirect the waste inherent in food production and other organic waste sources, preventing pollution and reducing greenhouse gases in the process. By doing this, we make a difference in our shared future, and are passionately committed to ensuring that every possible bit of by-product or excess is put to good use.

We work every day to bring value to our customers, stakeholders and communities.

1. A holistic solution to a universal problem

VIRESCO is a complete, reliable, carbon-neutral solution to waste management.

VIRESCO’s team of sustainability experts carefully monitor an elegantly engineered living system to draw energy from organic waste through anaerobic digestion. Gathering the potential energy in by-products, feedlot waste and other sources, we reclaim and divert carbon into power that’s immediately available and perfectly clean.

2. Redefining waste

VIRESCO captures carbon into a full-circle life cycle, reducing greenhouse gas and creating clean energy from unexpected, unlimited resources.

VIRESCO upcycles carbon from food waste and by-products, feedlot waste and other sources into valuable biogas. Unlike the dead-end of carbon fossil fuels, our approach to energy creation embraces a remarkably wide variety of inputs to redirect waste, feed plants, generate clean energy, and restart the carbon cycle all over again.

3. Honoring food

VIRESCO partners with companies that have a genuine commitment to reducing their operating footprint and responsibly managing food waste in the supply chain.

VIRESCO partners with food and beverage producers—small and large—who want to find a better, cost-effective way to reclaim the by-products and waste of food production, plus avoid the pollution potential of field-spreading and landfill use. Our holistic approach to food recovery turns bulk liquids, prepackaged foods and post-packaged product into biogas for clean energy, and even provides solutions for recycling packaging, taking on the entirety of our customers’ waste challenges.

4. One-and-done right

VIRESCO puts customer needs first, time after time, managing unexpected circumstances and ongoing needs with resourcefulness and responsiveness.

VIRESCO has a deep understanding of our customers’ needs in dealing with waste, including accurate reporting, seamless transportation solutions, and earth-friendly ways to manage packaging and other non-food materials. Our advanced, predictable processes are so reliable and consistent that our customers think we’re borderline boring. And that’s just how we like it.

5. The brain power behind our energy solution

VIRESCO outperforms other anaerobic digestion companies by consistently and relentlessly advancing how clean energy is made.

VIRESCO is propelled by a team who will change the planet’s future. We advance research and apply learnings in our first brick-and-mortar facility in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, leveraging it as an incubator for creating, implementing, and refining clean-energy solutions. This future-oriented hub hums with perpetual innovation and provides our partners, customers, and stakeholders with ongoing opportunities for education and inspiration.

6. Turn potential and purpose into impact

VIRESCO offers a path to a full-circle, sustainable-energy system for companies actively seeking new ways to improve their carbon footprints.

In a single day, our Turtle Lake facility alone creates enough energy to power 2,300+ homes, all from redirected waste. In a month, we redirect enough liquid by-products in food waste to fill five Olympic-sized swimming pools or to fill a football field over 9 feet deep. In a year, we prevent over 780 full truckloads of waste from being discarded in landfills. And in the upcoming decade, our collaborative approach will extend our facilities, expertise, and capabilities in ways that empower our partners to create even more profound, planet-changing impact.