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VIRESCO offers its customers a holistic answer to a universal question: What is the best way to manage waste?

In 2019, 35% of all food produced in the U.S. was wasted.Every bit of food that our digestor converts into electricity reduces that waste.

Source: refed.org


Bent Paddle

A combination of expired product, an overwhelmed supply chain and limited warehouse space posed a unique problem for a brewery in Duluth, Minnesota.

We like the fact that we can get rid of unwanted product in a sustainable way when things don’t work out the way we plan.”

–Tim Wilson, Head Brewer

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Food Producer

Ellsworth Dairies

At county and state fairs across the nation, not many people give a second thought to the dairies that create the cheese curds they’re enjoying—or the by-products that result from the process.

When we call VIRESCO with a waste challenge, they ask, ‘What’s the problem?’ Then they send over a truck and take care of it.

–Paul Bauer, CEO of Ellsworth Creamery

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Ingredients & Food

Wisconsin Whey

Wisconsin Whey takes a by-product of cheesemaking—whey—and transforms it into whey protein to be used in muscle-building powders and other food products.

What sets VIRESCO apart is their reliability and flexibility. They have never turned down our product and are there in times of need.”

“VIRESCO is quick to solutions”

–Josh Hoover, Wisconsin Whey

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