Can you take my waste?

VIRESCO has helped our customers with a vast variety of organic waste, plus our complete waste solution includes a DePak™ process for recycling materials, closing the loop on packaging as well.

Find out if VIRESCO is the right solution for you

We use proprietary engineering and patented technology to claim energy from products such as:

  • Bulk liquids
  • By-products
  • Pre- and post-packaged foods

And thanks to our DePak™ de-packaging and recycling capabilities, and recycling connections, we can manage waste in many forms, including

  • Canned and bottled beverages
  • Pre-packaged foods
  • Packaged foods
  • Bulk products in boxes, totes, super sack and other forms of packaging

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If you don’t see your particular form of organic waste here, don’t give up just yet: we still may be able to help. Please call 715.986.6430 or email and tell us a little bit about your challenge.

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