A solution for the future, a decade in the making

We believed that renewable, bio-based fuels could provide a better future for all. So we rolled up our sleeves, put our heads together, and transformed anaerobic digestion.


Exploratory research and development to perfect anaerobic digestion processes

Awarded patent for CO2 recapture process

VIRESCO Bio-Catalytic™ (VBC™) technology identified

VBC™ lab testing commences


Designed and built Mobile Demo pilot plant; four-destination road trip to test consumer waste at customer locations

Four separate, long-term pilot studies conducted

Sebesta Blomberg fatal flaws analysis revealed learnings

Oregon State University crop study enhanced knowledge base

Principals advise USDA and Secretary Vilsack regarding the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap Initiative


Site development of Oregon Greenfield location

Anaerobic Digestion Patent 1 issued

Approved for a USDA 9003 Bio-Refinery Loan Guarantee which included a Technical Review by the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)


VIRESCOAD LLC fully formed and launched

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, site identified and due diligence begins


Anaerobic Digestion patents 2 and 3 issued

Site evaluations continue


Anaerobic Digestion patents 4 and 5 issued

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, site is acquired, and operations and re-engineering begin


VIRESCO Turtle Lake becomes fully operational

Baseline yields established

VBC™ four-stage phase-in begins


VBC fully operational with 25 GWh annual electricity generation capacity

Packaging recycling expanded through DePak™

University of Wisconsin plot study conducted

VIRESCO RENU-trient™ certified as soil amendment

Integrated Innovation Center at Turtle Lake conducts R&D, refining process and creating opportunities

Ongoing site development continues